Trees Project

Greening Guelph Street Project

The Project – A CFUW Georgetown project supported by the Town of Halton Hills, Tree Canada, CN and has been made possible by the Government of Canada.

To beautify and green Guelph Street, our most significant commercial corridor, by planting trees on public lands.


In 2017 three symbolic trees were planted in Dominion Gardens Park, and 8 more trees were planted on a public boulevard along the Guelph St. commercial strip.  More plantings followed on Guelph St. in 2018.

Will Trees Thrive on a Busy Street?

The trees chosen for this site are hardy, native varieties which can withstand road salt, snow and harsh conditions. They are small ornamental trees and will be positioned to avoid blocking sight lines to businesses.  They will not grow tall enough to interfere with overhead wires.  CFUW members will provide water and monitor the health of the trees.


More trees will make Guelph Street in Georgetown more attractive to shoppers, pedestrians and drivers.  Trees provide shade, cool the air and absorb carbon emissions.  The trees we plant are a living legacy that will provide benefits for decades.  A wonderful tribute to Canada’s 150th!

Others will Follow.

The tree planting is a demonstration project which will inspire more landscape improvements in the Guelph Street commercial area.